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Three smiling girls with paper bags with handles filled with supplies for Lent at Home

Lent Begins – St. Nick’s News Feb. 17, 2024

Full St. Nick’s News for February 17, 2024

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, we marked the first day of the church season of Lent. We gathered to pray, confess our sins, and place ashes on our foreheads to proclaim our dependence on and need for God’s forgiveness and grace.

Lent is the forty-day stretch before Easter, and reminds us of the spiritual wanderings of the Israelites in the wilderness and the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness.

It is a time of fasting, prayer, study, and charitable giving. Many of us are looking for a discipline to help us grow closer to God during this season. For those searching, you are welcome to join the Contemplative Prayer Group on Tuesday mornings at 10am. Join the men’s group at 6:30am on Fridays. Pick up a baby bottle to fill with coins for the Share Center’s “Baby Bottle Boomerang” fundraiser. You can pick up a Lent at Home bag brought to you by Jena our Family minister (an our Holy Hangout Helpers and kids) or take a an Anglican Rosary for your prayer disciplines. You can also make it a discipline to continue to come to worship to find encouragement and inspiration from your church family and God almighty here at St. Nick’s.

We are a community of faithful people with much to share with one another. And on that note, here is a word from Jeremy Wyndham on why Lent is important to him…

Why is Lent Important to Me?

Depending on the translation, 1 Kings 19:12 describes Elijah hearing God’s voice in a “soft whisper,” a “sheer silence,” or a “still small voice.” None of these terms describe my daily life. I have a full-time+ job and spend most weekends supporting ministries at St. Nick’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and everything that we are doing at St. Nick’s. I have relationships now that are closer and deeper than any I have had in my life. I also know that I am participating in God’s work in the world, both through my job and through St. Nick’s.

So, why is Lent important to me? Because through all of the noise and busy-ness of life, I fear that I am missing God’s voice.

Lent is a time each year that I desperately try to simplify some of the frenetic aspects of my life, and dedicate time to sitting still and listening for that “still small voice,” that “soft whisper,” even that “sheer silence.” I know that God wants to talk to me. He is just waiting – oh so patiently – for me to make room for Him in my life.

Will you join me in this search for the “still small voice” this Lenten season?

As someone who has a beautifully full life, I have a great appreciation for Jeremy’s call to hear the “still small voice.” His is a great reminder that the season of Lent is a time set apart in order to listen to and for God. We are certainly welcome to add disciplines if they help us listen, but the truly important thing is to be open and make room for God in our busy lives.

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,
Beth+ and Jeremy too!