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Gratitude for God’s Blessings – St. Nick’s News Mar 2, 2024

Full St. Nick’s News for March 2, 2024

Dear Friends,

Last weekend was our 120th Council of the Diocese of West Texas. Council was held in San Marcos from February 22-24th. This was the first council for our new bishop, the Rt. Rev. David Read and we are celebrating the 150th year of being the DWTX. What an exciting time!

In addition to myself and Jeremy, we had visitors from St. Nick’s go to council to learn about our diocese and the greater church. Bishop Committee Members – Dawn Robinson, Steve Rogers, Mike Brown, and Montana Rindahl were in attendance. In addition, Steve and Missy Denney, Emily and Brian Winningham, and Haley Bankey came to council also. If you are interested in learning more about council or our diocese, please feel free to seek these folks out and talk to them about their experience. I am sure they will be happy to share what they learned and how excited they are for our future!

You can also visit the council website to see reports and a recap of council. You can find the link here. I also want to commend the following videos for your viewing – they are reports, addresses, and sermons that I found quite moving and inspiring during our time at council. You can click on each one and it will take you to a Vimeo recording.

  1. The Bishop’s Address
  2. The Bishop’s Sermon
  3. Work from St. Philip’s Uvalde and the Children’s Bereavement Center
  4. 150th Commemorative Video

I found myself full of gratitude for the work of the diocese and the host church to help us have a council where we were encouraged to learn about ministries, the Gospel, and the history of our diocese. It is always a good reminder that we belong to something greater than ourselves and we are not alone in this good and holy work we are doing. We belong to a diocese and a national church who have supported us greatly. We belong to a worldwide Anglican Communion and are intimately connected to the Body of Christ – all churches.

I pray we can all remember that we are never alone in our work or in our lives. As the body of Christ, the church, we are always connected. We are connected to one another and to Jesus our Friend, Lord, and Savior. I pray as you continue to walk through this Lenten season that you feel the presence of Jesus beside you.

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,