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Emblems of Joy

So Emmitt (my old and very lazy English Bulldog) and I went for a walk earlier today.  While exploring the yard, Emmitt decided to stop and sit there stubbornly while he watched me walk around.  I’m sure we were quite a sight!  Me calling him and him ignoring me, with his head in the air, pretending not to hear me.  This was no surprise to me.  He is old, stubborn, and, as I said, very lazy.

What was a surprise to me, within this slightly frustrating experience, were the little emblems of Texas joy waiting for me.  I saw a smattering of bluebonnets in the yard!  The plants I found were not planted there purposely; they just simply found their way.  I don’t know if they got there by wind or critter, but I do know they are tenacious little flowers.  It was so interesting to see these bluebonnets among the brown crunchy leaves, hard beige soil and rocks.

I found myself thanking God.  I thank God for this sweet moment of joy in my day.  I can’t help but hope that in the midst of the brown and beige backdrop of social distancing and the hard reality of illness and pandemic that we have moments of joy.  I pray we remember to look for the bluebonnets, to look for those emblems that represent joy.

I hope you were surprised by a joyous moment today.  I would love to hear about them.  God would too.

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,