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Art in Bloom Fundraiser, Friday May 3 6pm

Art in Bloom Tonight! – St. Nick’s News May 3, 2024

Full St. Nick’s News for May 3, 2024

Dear friends,

Today is the day! Our Art in Bloom Event is here. Thank you so much to Amy and Steve for organizing and for all their helpers – Kathie and Carrie, Maggie Mae’s, Jena, Jeremy, and EVERYONE who have so graciously and generously donated items, money, food, and supplies. Also a big shout out of thanks to all who have been sharing our posts online and inviting friends and family. I have been amazed but not surprised by your generosity. Thank you!

I shared in last week’s newsletter that the proceeds for Art in Bloom are going to an “ultra accessible” playground and improving our side yard space. I also shared that we are living into the generosity and kindness of our Patron Saint – St. Nicholas.

Legend has it (according to William J. Bennett in the book, The True Saint Nicholas: Why he Matters to Christmas) that St. Nicholas was formed in faith by his Mother and Father, Nonna and Theophanes. When his parents died from a plague passing through Lycia, Nicholas went to live with an uncle in a monastery and slowly healed from the grief and resolved to train for the priesthood. As a first step in responding to the vocational call of the priesthood, Nicholas gave away all of his possessions and his inheritance. This act of sacrifice on the part of Nicholas gives rise to the most beloved and famous story about him.

In Patara there was a family who had fallen on hard times. The father could not find work even though he had been previously wealthy. No one would give him a job because his hands were soft and uncalloused and merchants judged him as lazy. The man had three daughters of marrying age but no hope to marry them off because he could not afford a dowry for them. The father realized the only hope for his daughters was to sell them into servitude so they could eat and survive.

Nicholas heard about the family’s plight and began to think about how to help them. He also remembered Jesus’ call in Matthew 6:3-4 “…when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret.” Under the cover of night, Nicholas took a bag filled with gold coins and placed it inside the family’s house through an open window. Legend has it that the bag fell into a shoe or hanging stockings. In the morning, the man and his eldest daughter were overjoyed at the gift of a generous dowry. When Nicholas witnessed the joy, he knew he had to provide for the other daughters as well.

Nicholas gave each daughter and their father a gift for their future. Nicholas hoped his giving would be in secret but the father caught him on the last night and thanked him profusely. Nicholas, being a faithful servant of God told the man to thank God. He asked to be kept anonymous but that clearly did not work out for him. To this day we give gifts in honor of his generosity and kindness.

At St. Nick’s we don’t just do this at Christmastime but year round.

Praise God!!!

I praise God and thank God for your generosity!

What a beautiful way to live into the story of Saint Nicholas. What a beautiful way to live into the story of Jesus Christ and His great love for us.

I am convinced that we are able to do these generous acts because we have a God in Jesus Christ who loves us so abundantly. The Holy Spirit’s presence among us, moving us to create and make original gifts and give items of personal importance is such a gift. There is the practical gift of one day having a playground. But there is also the spiritual gift of creating a DNA at St. Nick’s of generosity, kindness, and compassion.

Thank you for saying yes to God and for living into our mission of being a generous and giving community of faith.

I hope to see you tonight from 6 to 8. We have kid activities, food, music, items to bid on, and plenty of laughter.

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,