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St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

Stations of the Cross

Welcome to the Stations of the Cross digital offering.

Join us in reflection and prayer as we walk through these virtual stations.

All artwork was created by Beth Wolfe. Reflections were written by members of our St. Nicholas community.

This digital stations of the cross works best on a computer, though it is possible to access it via smart phone. To navigate through the gallery, simply click the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen. This will move you to the next station.

Each station includes a reflection and prayer. To access these offerings, left-click twice on the painting. This will open up the reflections.

If you have any issues or technical difficulties, click the “i” in the top left corner. This will walk you through a tutorial on navigating the gallery.

Opening Prayer

Dear Jesus,
Be with us as we journey with You
in Your suffering and death.
As we walk the way of Your Passion,
may we grow in our love of You,
and may You draw us close. Amen.

Closing Prayer

Jesus for now we say Amen which means “let it be so.”
We can say Amen because we know and trust that Your greatest miracle is coming.
We sit and wait with You as we long for Easter, as we long for the celebration of Your Resurrection.
Help us to hold on to You tightly and continue, Lord, to draw us near to You with each passing second. Amen.