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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner and Talent Show

Shrove Tuesday is a tradition in many churches reminding us of our need for forgiveness (Shrove means shrive or forgive) and prepares us for Ash Wednesday. If you would like to learn more go here.

It is a night of fun before the season of Lent and it’s more penitential natures takes hold. We celebrate the joy Jesus brings as we prepare our hearts to turn towards Jesus for a season of reflection and prayer.

All youth are invited to join Billy and Stacey, Rev. Beth and Jena, right after school to make pancakes, decorate, and have some fun.

As always if you have an age appropriate talent, a band, some bad dad jokes – come and join the talent show!

Invite your friends and family to join us for a sweet night of friendship and fun.


Feb 13 2024


5:30 pm