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Running with Jesus – St. Nick’s News July 11, 2023

Full St. Nick’s News for July 11, 2023

Dear Friends-

This past Sunday I encouraged us to think about what it means to be yoked to Jesus. I shared a little bit of Paralympian David Brown’s story. You can watch him run at this link. It is quite inspiring to watch David and his guide run together – totally in sync, listening to one another, and moving as if they are one person.

It’s what we want with our life with Jesus, right? To be in sync, running as one, and listening to what God in Jesus Christ has to say to us?

One of the ways I encouraged us to live yoked to Jesus was to take up the courageous act of praying for one another. Texting prayers to each other, voicing them out loud in the moment, and of course, holding one another in our private prayers.

Here are a few short prayers to turn to as you pray for one another.

Prayers for Encouragement –

Lord, when (name) feels weary and overwhelmed, remind them of Your promises and fill them with hope. Grant them the strength to persevere and trust in You. Amen.

Dear Lord, when (name) feels discouraged by the state of the world, remind them of the power of Your love and the hope we have in You. Fill them with compassion and inspire them to make a positive difference. Amen.

Lord, I pray for encouragement in times of waiting especially for (name). Grant them patience and trust in Your perfect timing. Help them to find peace in the midst of uncertainty. Amen.

Prayers for Healing –

Holy Spirit, fill (name) with your healing presence. Renew their strength, comfort their soul, and guide them on the path of recovery. Amen.

Jesus, you are the ultimate healer of broken hearts. Mend the emotional wounds and bring inner healing to (name) and all those who have experienced loss or heartbreak. Amen.

Lord, I pray for emotional healing for (name) and all those who are burdened by grief, anxiety, or depression. Grant them comfort, peace, and restoration. Amen.

Prayers for Peace –

Lord, grant (name) inner peace that surpasses all understanding. Calm their restless heart and fill them with your serenity. Amen.

Lord, grant peace to those who are grieving, especially (name), and give comfort to (name) and all those who are hurting. Give Your everlasting hope to (name) and all those who are despairing. Let your peace be their strength. Amen.

God of peace, may your peace dwell within (name), radiate through them, and transform the world around them. In your peace, may (name) find rest and restoration. Amen.

When we pray for one another, not only are we yoked to Jesus but also to one another. We grow closer to one another as we carry one another’s cares to God. It is a powerful thing to be prayed for by name. It is also incredibly empowering when we risk to pray out loud for others. It is vulnerable and scary but also beautiful and faithful.

May God continue to cultivate in us the desire to pray together and bless us with the courage to pray out loud. May the Holy Spirit guide us with the right words and holy timing. And may Jesus forever be our guide, running next to us, and helping us to run a race full of care and prayers for one another.

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,