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agarita plant - some branches of a tree/bush laden with light green leaves and red berries

Rooted – St. Nick’s News June 7, 2024

Full St. Nick’s News for June 7, 2024

Dear friends,

Taking seriously the idea of sabbath rest, the other day I spent some time in our outdoor chapel. I was slowing down, connecting with God, and spending some time in prayer.

As I sat there, I noticed our Agarita plants on the west side of our outdoor chapel. We have a few planted. One is thriving and the others are hanging on – they are still growing…but at a slow pace.

As I sat outside and prayed, I asked for their growth and ours. I asked God to help all of the organic and living things at St. Nick’s to grow in faith and fortitude that we might be able to share the abundant love and joy we have found here.

Our church logo, our beautiful cross, is modeled after the Agarita plant. The agarita plant looks a little bit like holly and has a blue/gray/green color with yellow flowers that turn in to red berries. This plant thrives in Texas and the southwest. It provides sustenance and has medicinal properties for both humans and animals. It is drought resistant once it is established. And the sharp leaves help provide safety and refuge for birds and wildlife.

We were purposeful in choosing this plant as the inspiration for our logo. We loved it because it hinted at Christmas without being too Christmassy (important for a church named St. Nick) and also because of it’s resilience and grit. We heard that once it gets established it is very hard to get rid of – a good thing for a church or really anything putting goodness out into the world!

I am looking forward to the day when our plants have grown so large, we are moved by their rugged-spikey beauty and can forage the berries for jams. I am looking forward to the day, when they are established enough that they can withstand our Texas heat and thrive.

For now, we will continue to water them and pray for their growth.

These plants, are a living sermon for us.

We are God’s people who provide sustenance and nourishment, we provide refuge for people who need safety and love. When needed we be spikey and often we produce flowers and good fruit. We also have the ability to help and heal others.

Suffice it to say, I love having the plants there to remind us to stay rooted in the Lord and to trust in God’s providence to lead us to a vibrant and growing faith. Being faithful and staying grounded in the love of Jesus takes grit and resilience. It takes work and watering. I pray this summer you take time to sit by your favorite plant and marvel at how it is growing. I pray this summer you take time to nourish your life with God so that your roots will grow deep.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and hearing all about your summer sabbath plans and plants.

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,