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Joyful Times – St. Nick’s News July 5, 2023

Full St. Nick’s News for July 5, 2023

Dear Friends-

Thank you so much for a wonderful time at JOY Camp! We had so many people who helped out, donated, shared their time and talent, and shared their own personal joy. It was a wonderful time together.

Our Family Minister Jena and Tony, our Buildings and grounds minister, worked especially hard to make sure the event was a success. When you see them, give them a big thanks for being such faithful stewards of our space and ministry together.

We received a great compliment on Saturday morning when one of our littles decided that he wanted to go “see Jesus” and go to Joy Church instead of going to the Zoo. That is some pretty mighty Holy Spirit work to be able to be on par with time at the Zoo!!!

I will let the pictures below speak for JOY Camp. I will also share that it was a great success – God was praised, lessons were learned, love was shared, lots of art and games were prepared, food was yummy, and because pizzas were late we had ice cream for dinner. Best. Camp. Ever!

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,