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Hand with painted nails holding up a note that has "Thank you!" written on it, with a flower drawn beneath it.

Good and Faithful Stewards – St. Nick’s News Oct. 6, 2023

Full St. Nick’s News October 6, 2023

Dear friends,

Happy October! We are going to have a fun and full month – pet blessings, baptisms, and a costume blessing along with all of our weekly activities of bible studies, dinner church and small groups.

Churches use October as a time to focus on stewardship. We know from our scriptures that a steward is someone who has been called to manage and care for property, land, or a household. We also hear in the creation story that God created humans to be good stewards of creation, the animals, and one another. In addition, Paul’s letter to the Corinthians shows us we are called to a life of serving others for the sake of the love God has shared with us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We are called to be spiritual stewards.

I want to take time out today to thank you for being a good and faithful steward of the gifts, talents, and finances God has given you. Because of your generosity in sharing your time, talent, and treasure, we have a church where all ages come together to minister with one another. We are able to give generously to Provisions Outreach and have been able to share grocery gift cards and utility assistance to people in need. Because of you, we are able to host and show up for community events that bring joy and love to the Bulverde/Spring Branch area. Your ideas, time, and talents have led us to offer workshops, dinners, studies, intergenerational events, workdays, and prayer groups. Because of your generosity, we had a beautiful fundraiser in the spring to raise money for a playground for our children. Because of your generosity, we have talented musicians, A/V techs, and a small but growing staff to help out with ministry needs.

You have blessed us with your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. You have blessed us with your presence and your prayers. You are helping us to be a generous community of faith. You are helping us to serve our community and one another with love and compassion. You are helping us to be the church God has called us to be. Thank you!

Today, I am especially giving thanks for your stewardship of welcome and friendship. This past Wednesday, some new friends and newcomers to our community shared that we are “one of the most welcoming churches they have attended.” Let’s definitely keep that up! I pray we can all rejoice in our growing friendship and love with one another and our growing faith and love with and for God.

The work God has given us here at St. Nick’s is pretty fabulous! Loving each other, loving our neighbors, creating space for people to know true belonging, sharing joy, being a creative and outside the box thinking church, and laughing and trusting God through it all – yep – pretty fabulous work! Thanks for being right here with me as we manage and steward our life at St. Nick’s.

May God continue to guide us. May Jesus continue to inspire us. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless us with energy and grace.

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,