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Finding Common Joy – St. Nick’s News Feb. 2, 2022

Full St. Nick’s News for February 2, 2022

Dear Friends,

This past Sunday we had a wonderful community meeting. It was encouraging to receive information on meeting times, ministry interests, and favorite hymns. Thank you for your gracious feedback.

I began the meeting naming how beautiful our beginning has been. St. Nick’s started just a few months before COVID-19 and we have seen growth despite the challenges of pandemic life. It is awe-inspiring to think about how spontaneous, generous, and available everyone has been these last few years.

I also shared our desire to move towards sustainability this year. When people hear the term “sustainability” they often think about financial sustainability. When I speak of sustainability, I am speaking of much more than finances. This definition from Nick Warnes’ new book Deconstructing Church Planting, is helpful;
“Sustainability is creating context in which bills are paid, yes, but more importantly, sustainability is creating context in which the church can thrive, lives can be changed, and where the call God has placed on your life can flourish.”

This is a great reminder for us that the church exists so that lives can be transformed; people can live into their God given gifts and passions; and we can all be better, more faithful, and loving people because of our time in worship, prayer, and friendship together.
My deep hope and constant prayer is that everyone who comes to St. Nick’s can share their faith and God’s love in ways they find fulfilling and meaningful. I have found that often, when one person is interested in a ministry offering, others have the same need. An example of this is seen in your feedback regarding ministry interests. Twenty-three people are interested in a prayer group, twenty people are interested in an Art and Faith Group and twenty-five people are interested in a Hiking/Wellness small group. The people who came forward with the ideas for these groups wondered if others would find them interesting or want to join in on the offering. Again, chances are, if you have a need, someone else does too.

During Lent, we will offer two centering prayer groups – one at night and one during the day. During the Easter season, we will begin an Art and Faith Group that will meet once a month. In addition, the Hiking/Wellness Small Group will start in the spring too.

In addition to these offerings, we have people interested in growing and enhancing our music programs and our formation programs for children, youth, and adults. What great energy and excitement for growing in faith!
We know and talk often about the church being the body of Christ. We have heard recently in our New Testament readings that the body has many gifts. Thank you for exploring your gifts and interests so we can become who God is calling us to be – a vibrant, joyous church!

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,