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Consecrated Community – St. Nick’s News Nov. 5, 2021

Dear friends,

What a wonderful and celebratory week we have had! Thanks for coming out to our Halloween Costume Blessing and to our Consecration Service. I don’t know about you, but I am overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving. Which is, of course, totally appropriate as we begin the month of November!

Our Consecration service was a warm and grace-filled gathering and if you missed it or want to remember it, you can catch highlights of it here on our Facebook page. Many people who gathered on Tuesday evening remarked on how much they loved our space. These comments named our church as so “peaceful, inviting, welcoming, warm, full of joy and so approachable.”

I couldn’t help but smile and think – Yes. Indeed. Just like our community. I believe our space is the warm and inviting place it is because of you and the good and Godly work we are doing there together. I believe the space reflects our vision of being a place where everyone matters, everyone is loved, and everyone belongs. Everyone.

Every moment that we spend together in formation, worship, fellowship, and prayer shapes us and the space. Every time we open it up to the community for shared parking, or to utilize our kitchen (Provisions needed a freezer for their turkeys and we will soon have a baker using our kitchen) or for companies and organizations to meet, we (the space and the community) are being transformed.

Every time new people join us, or we invite our friends and neighbors to join us we are being transformed and living into our vision. We are being blessed. We are being made holy. Our life together is a continuous consecration. We are constantly being drawn in by God to become holy and blessed, to be transformed through God’s love and the love of one another.

You can feel it when you walk on our grounds and enter our space. But you can also feel it when you meet people from our community. That is a very long way of saying, Thank You. Thank you for being you and coming to St. Nick’s and sharing your time, your energy, your faith, your financial resources, and your love. Jeremy and I are so glad we are on this journey with you.  We are thankful for all the experiences (those that are delightful and those that challenge) and all the memories we are making together. God has a lot of growth and transformation planned for us – let’s joyfully embrace it!  May we always remember to give  God thanks for one another – even beyond the month of November.

God’s Peace, Love, and Blessings,